SannaStone* is a designer, illustrator and soon-to-be interior designer who in real-life is called Sanna Maria Väliaho (Vaeliaho). She was born and raised in Vaasa, Finland, but is now living and working in Helsinki, Finland.

Sanna has an eye for details and colours. In her works she uses many different techniques, depending of the content and desirable result.

"I absorb inspiration to my work from good music and movies, stories, nature, travelling, art, history, fashion and dreams.
I get extra powers from yoga, running, painting and just hanging by the Sea.
At the moment I'm studying interior design and feel really inspired by beautiful homes, houses and gardens."

* Name "Stone" comes from her maiden name "Kivioja".
"Kivi" means a stone in english. 

Photo by Tanu Perintö
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